If you live or have lived in a third world country before then you’ll understand that crypto currency is something that is still not very popular in these parts, therefore can get really hard to fully understand, it honestly can feel like rocket science!
I don’t even want to go into the first time I came in contact with crypto information, am not even going to lie; I swiped as fast as I could and I guess somewhere deep down in my heart I swore there was no way I would ever have anything to do with something so complex-I mean, life is not that hard!
Well at least that was what I thought until a couple of months ago, guess what the game changer was, MANTRA DAO (I like to call it MD). I still feel like if MD hadn’t shown up, with its user friendly interface, I would have still been doomed to crypto ignorance.
Mantra Dao is a community based and governed DEFi platform that revolves around staking, lending and governance. This means that the entire Mantra system depends on a user experience and its success depends on how good this user experience is.
MD really pumped huge when it launched, currently has a huge buying momentum and in March featured as one of the three coins that will easily multiply.
In my little time observing this space, one thing I have learnt to look out for when checking out projects to invest in is TRANSPARENCY. It is no longer news that there’s a certain amount of risk involved at every point as markets can go high or low, which is why individuals are always advised to carry out their own research to ensure there are no hidden schemes, faces or voices.
Now that’s another way Mantra Dao stands out. If you’ve gone through the MD platforms you’ll realize the project has a face and a direction. One of such faces includes John Patrick Mullin who is the cofounder and council member of Mantra Dao. He studied Fintech and block chain at the Said business school, University of Oxford in 2017, and is currently a Polkadot Network ambassador and a Rio DEFi advisor; what’s really fascinating about this guy is how visible and accessible he is, many crypto investors have revealed how they reach out to John with their questions and they get prompt responses in no time, trust me, that’s a big deal in the crypto space. Think credibility and Transparency!
Now back to how I got into all of these! A few months ago, MD launched a programme called the Sherpas programme, here individuals like me who had little or no knowledge about the crypto space could engage and connect with Mantra Dao content and activities, plus the excitement of meeting and socializing with other Sherpas and an additional opportunity to relate and connect with Mantra Dao team members and advisers.
As a Sherpa you get to earn redeemable points for liking, commenting sharing, creating, translating, and localizing MD original content on your social media therefore aiding Mantra Dao grow its community and reach more people across more countries.
Did I mention that the MD Sherpas’ platform and interface is so user friendly and simple that Sherpa’s can have fun carrying out their daily tasks? Well, now you have it!
I simply don’t like complexities; and if you’re like me-then you should totally consider Mantra Dao!!!

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